Dream Nexus Designs is not just a digital company, we started in the print medium and we have the tools a business needs to succeed in this tough market.

We understand the challenges of digital printing as well as traditional press printing.

Not only can we design what you need but we can assist in getting you the most competitive pricing for printing your project out.

We work with you to provide the most eye catching and professional items for your business.

SAMPLE PROJECT PRICES - Contact Us for a custom quote for your business
Logos $200.00
Fliers $150.00
Business Cards $55.00
Postcards $75.00
Tri-fold $100.00
General Design $60.00/hr
Comics Book Services Please Inquire
quote @dndstudio.com * 16541 Redmond Way #326, Redmond WA 98052 * P: 425-246-3000
Click on the thumbnails below to see larger samples of our work (FYI: some files might be pretty large)
Business Cards
General Design
A Game Logo

Committed Logo

LPA Logo

Corner Comics Logo

PT Booking Logo

Underdawg Records Logo

JBKB Logo v1

JBKB Logo v2

JBKB Logo v3

Michael's Flier

ECCC Flier Club Flier

Committed Comics Business Card

Committed Comics Business Card

Committed Comics Business Card

Underdawg Record Plastic Bag