You can afford a website for your business!

Dream Nexus Designs does not believe in templates for your business website. The way you conduct your business is not the same as everyone else's and your website should reflect that.

Even if your business already has a website DND Studio offers monthly/quarterly maintenance plans. We've found that not many web designers offer maintenance plans and they leave their clients high and dry.

All of the sites we work on are customized to our customer's tastes, preferances and needs.

SAMPLE PACKAGE PLANS - Contact Us for a custom quote for your business
Economical Plan:
Your basic advertising website: Maximum of 2 pages, 1 yr of hosting, and domain registration for 1 year. - $300.00
A little bit more then the basics: Maximum 4 pages, 1 yr of hosting, domain registration for 1 yr, 3 months of upkeep, 2 static banners to promote your site- $500.00
Business Class
Everything your business needs: Maximum 8 pages, Domain registration for two years, hosting for two years, and one year of upkeep, 2 animated banners to promote your site- $800.00
1 Year of hosting $80.00
Domain Registration $12.00 per year
6 months of upkeep. $100.00
Logo Design $200.00
Digital Photos $20/hr
Photo Editing $10 per photo (minimum of 4 photos)
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Comic book publisher: They wanted a site that showcased the artwork of the company. The site is streamlined and the images are optimized to load very quickly.
Commercial Real Estate Broker: This site was a challenge because we had a large amount of information we had to compact into a streamlined site. We didn't want visitors to get confused and "lost" in the site.
Comic Book Retailer: This site was a challenge because the front right content changes on a weekly basis. So there had to be a clean layout to catch the visitors attention but show the wide variety of images.
Commercial Painters: The good folks at Royalty needed a site that would provide their customers with enough information and also enable them with an easy way to contact the company.
Real Estate Consultant: The challenge of this site was the lack of information. We had to mimic the advertising flier we designed for them and make it digital without just slapping the flier online.
Construction Company: They requested a site that showed a good balance of professionalism and personalism. They had a lot of photos of previous jobs that we also had to factor into the creation of the site.
Residential Real Estate Agent: This site was set up as a quick and simple marketing tool for the agent. Clean, simple and to the point.
This site is still in the development stages.